Sunday, June 30, 2013

Did the writer of White House Down watch 24 right before writing the movie?

I saw White House Down today! I really enjoyed it. It was like watching all 8 seasons of 24 in one very condensed sitting! I was also very proud of the knowledge I gained from 24. I knew exactly what they were talking about in the movie when they mentioned The Vault and The Football. For those of you who don't want to be spoiled about the movie (or 24 for that matter) DO NOT READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH.

Here's my list of White House Down/24 moments:
1) His daughter is taken hostage.
2) Air Force One was blown up with a fairly new president on board.
3) The bad guys wanted the nuclear football.
4) The White House was under attack.
5) People on the inside were the reason the White House was under attack.
6) The limo strike.
7) They try to take the president to the vault for safety.
8) He fought the Jack Bauer way. Everyone else died but Kale managed to survive and save the day.

While I admit the reviewers are right that the movie is unrealistic, why is that a big deal? Aren't we supposed to see movies to try to escape from reality? At least this movie had a plot and descent acting unlike Die Hard 5...the worst action movie ever, in my opinion.


But on the topic of 24, who else is looking forward to it coming back next year?!? I just watched the show for the first time a few months ago and fell in love with (most of) it. I loved the first 5 seasons, thought season 6 was enjoyable, season 7 was great, and then completely zoned out in season 8. That season got just a little too ridiculous for me. I'm still trying to figure out how Jack found full body armor and found the bad guys within 10 minutes. I think they forgot that each episode was an hour of the day by that season. Regardless, I still can't wait for the new mini season. I'm hopeful that if they're bringing it back, it's because they have ideas. Although, I do have on question. Since I own the "complete series" set (and it says that), shouldn't that mean I get the new season for free? Otherwise it's like false advertising, right?

I am so excited to watch Dexter and try out Ray Donovan. But, since my husband is working tonight, I'm going to wait for tomorrow to watch with him.

What were your thoughts on White House Down? Good, bad? Do you need realism to enjoy a movie? Anything else remind you of 24? Are you looking forward to the new season?

I know Willow looks forward to anything that gives her a reason to lie on the rug and get snuggles!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Talking the Sims 3, the Bachelorette, a Vending Machine that sells $1,500 of caviar, and the most scarring music video ever!

The good news: I got pictures of my resort that I worked so hard on. The bad news: I can no longer load that game. It keeps crashing during the loading screen. Luckily, I did manage to get in and save the resort to the bin.

By far, my new favorite feature from The Sims 3 Island Paradise is the waterfall! I know, out of everything, that's kind of silly, but I've always wanted that! I don't have much to say about the game today. After my game wouldn't load yesterday, I got fed up and decided not to play for the day. I needed a glitches reprieve.

I caught up on The Bachelorette yesterday. My family has a voting chart where we guess each episode who is going home. I'm happy to say I was wrong about Ben vs. Michael. I thought for sure Michael was going to bury himself as most previous contestants have. But I was wrong. Apparently they need prosecutors every season to convince the judge that their is a fraud among the bunch. Bring out the guards, Chris Harrison! Take Ben away! I was finally right about Mikey T. going home!! I've been giving his little box an X since night one. The funny thing is, I almost changed it tonight because of their moment building a little snow family on the mountain. If I had changed it, that would've sucked. The night he finally gets eliminated would be the one time I didn't eliminate him on my chart! Good thing I stuck with my original decision! Now I can start guessing someone else to be eliminated in future episodes and not just Mikey. It's a shame about Bryden. I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't for the fact he was in my original Final 4 prediction. But then again, so was Ben. Yuck. As it stands now, my final four prediction was actually sitting around last episode all talking to each other. Brooks, Chris, Drew, and Kasey. Unless Drew and Kasey tell Desiree about James and both get sent home! That would really mess things up for me. But, she seems smart, so I don't think that's going to happen. For those who don't read spoilers (I do not want to know! Not this season anyways), who do you think is going to win? Brooks or Chris? I know. I'm jumping the gun a little on the finale two but I really do think it's going to come down to those two.

On another note, I saw the weirdest thing at the mall yesterday. Apparently, you can now go to a vending machine and buy caviar for $1,500! I know. That is madness. I don't know why anyone would even spend that much on food in the first place but even worse, from a vending machine? If you're going to spend $1,500, at least do it in a beautiful restaurant with outstanding service and the most amazing food you've ever tasted. I forgot to mention, you can also get escargot and a nice teacup set from this machine. I. Don't. Get. It.

For my final thoughts, have you seen that horrible Miley Cyrus music video "We Can't Stop"? I literally can't wipe that shocking image from my mind. I'm not a fan of hers in the first place but why would anyone make a video like that? It didn't make any sense and it just seemed like her way of saying "I'm grown up but I'm going to prove it by acting really immature". I really wish I could unsee it. Unfortunately, I don't have that power.

How long until your Sims game crashed? Do you think Chris or Brooks will win The Bachelorette, or someone else entirely? Would you spend $1,500 on caviar from a machine? And have you seen that horrible music video? If you have, here's a cute picture to try to erase it from your memory:

Willow sleeping in her cage during The Bachelorette!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Can You Get Seasick from a Computer Game? And is Don Draper dying?

As I predicted, yesterday (and today) I got far too caught up playing The Sims 3 Island Paradise. And hey, my first game crash took only a matter of about 10 minutes! That's always fun. I remember the days when I used to get stressed out that my game wouldn't work. Now I pretty much expect to fight it for the first few hours. Huh. That's actually quite sad. Anyways, here's a picture of my sim on her lovely new houseboat, making out with a co-worker:

I have spent most of my game time today building a resort for my sim to run. I'll show a picture tomorrow when it's done! I'm loving this new game so far, although, I have to say, the boat bobbing continuously is a little hard for me! I think I was getting seasick and dizzy by just watching it! I actually had to step away from the computer yesterday to feel better. I'm happy to say though that I had an easier time today!

I watched the Mad Men season finale last night... It was weird. I'm not really sure what happened exactly or why Don suddenly decided it was time to be honest - especially in the middle of a big meeting that was actually going well. It seemed a little too random. Although, I am curious if he now plans to tell his kids the details of his childhood. How would he break that to them? "Sally. Even though my last name is Draper, it's not really my last name. I stole it. That's right honey. You're not really a Draper." Awkward. And he thought she hated him before? She's a teenager and trying to figure out who she is. This news should really help with that. Not. I felt really bad for Megan when Don told her they weren't moving. He's been so against her career all season and then he tells her they're going to move. She was so happy because California is full of obvious possibilities for a rising actress. So, of course, she gets written off of her current soap opera in New York just in time for Don to come home and say he changed his mind. With her walking out the door, I have to wonder if that's the end of their marriage? Speaking of marriages, I found it funny that Ted decided to sleep with Peggy and then move to California to keep his family together. Sorry Ted but if you're unhappy at home, you're unhappy at home. Moving to California isn't going to change that. He's not like Don Draper, who's just unhappy being Don Draper. Ted actually has specific things in his life that he's not happy about. Why? I have no idea. I guess that's part of the beauty (or lackluster) writing of Mad Men. They don't give you the chance to feel for some of the characters dilemmas. It's one of the few shows where I truly do feel like an outsider looking in. I'm not attached to the characters at all, could care less what happens to them, and yet I am still curious to see what does happen to them.

The one thing I am getting increasingly curious about is Don. Particularly his shaking hands and terrible cough. Does anyone else think he might be dying? I'm not sure of what but he seems to be getting worse and worse; unless it's just the alcohol and cigarettes finally kicking in.

Have you played TS3 Island Paradise yet? Is anyone else getting seasick from it? And what did you think of the Mad Men finale? Or Mad Men in general? Is Don going to tell his kids the truth? Is his marriage over? And will Ted's problems magically go away because of a change in scenery?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mystical Vibe, Big Bear, more Graceland, and Sims 3!

I was hoping to post a little earlier today but my hubby had the day off and I have my priorities! Speaking of today, my sweet husband surprised me by taking me to Big Bear! The ducks were out in force today and really wanted food; so much so that they started chasing each other away in the water! After that, we enjoyed a peaceful boat ride where we nearly fell asleep we were so relaxed! The day came to an end with some delicious Chinese food from Mandarin Lotus in Agoura Hills and episodes of Castle!

Now, onto my music. I said I'd talk about each of my songs and I intend to keep that promise. I'm going to start with "Mystical Vibe". Back when I was 14 and only dreaming of what true love could be like (and pulling from my fictional experience through TV), I wrote this song. The song is about falling hopelessly in love with someone and losing yourself in them. It really does describe the way you do fall in love for the first time as a teen. You completely forget about yourself and your world just revolves around this one person. The song reminds me of Disney World (where I had my first date & kiss) just months after writing this. This song was my teenage fairytale and will always hold a special place in my heart. That's why this song begins my CD. I really felt like it was the beginning of my journey of falling in love. In a cheesy way, it was my first stepping stone to eventually finding my amazing husband. Mystical Vibe releases on my CD "Stepping Stone" July 15th, on iTunes!

Switching topics to my daily TV talk! I watched the most recent Graceland last night and I'm liking where the show is going. Even that actress I was hating is getting better. Thank goodness because she really was painful to watch originally! Now that I know Briggs is being investigated because of "money" stuff, I'm more on his side. Is it weird that when I thought it was for him being a loose cannon, I found it much more likely that he was bad? And now that it's supposedly money related I just don't believe it's true. And how sad that the other guy couldn't put his drugs and CI life behind him and buy that house for himself.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise comes out tomorrow! Is it bad that being on the boat today reminded me that my sims will get to be on a boat tomorrow? I am so excited! My hubby and I are going to run to Best Buy tomorrow morning for the game! I would pre-order but they didn't have that option when I was 9 and I started the tradition way back then of getting it from the store the day it comes out. Well, or at that age, having my mom get it from the store the day it came out.

So that's it for today! I'm assuming I'll be blogging tomorrow but who am I kidding, there is a significant possibility that I'll be too busy sailing my sims away! But hey, it's got to crash sometime right? The game, not the fake boat.

What's your favorite weekend excursion to take? Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Again, is Briggs bad? And how long do you think it will take for Island Paradise to crash? I'm taking bets!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My CD, The Sims 3, and Tons of TV Talk!

I am super excited to announce that my five song CD "Stepping Stone" will be released on iTunes July 15th! Currently, you can listen to the songs on

My single, which shares the same name as the full CD, "Stepping Stone" is already on iTunes for purchase as the full version and in a ringtone version. A ringtone for "What Went Wrong" will also be available on July 15th!

In anticipation of the release, I will be blogging every Monday between now and the 15th about a different song on the CD. I am very excited and I hope for the day when I hear one of my songs blasting on someone's car radio! Please help support my dream and play my music for your friends!

Now, onto the usual.

I caught up on Mad Men last night and oh boy does it look like we're in for an interesting finale. I have never seen Don Draper looked so unprepared! Every time he's had an affair in the past, he walks around like it doesn't mean anything. He transitions into each role he has during the day, flawlessly. Until now. Sally catching him has really turned the tables and I hope to see this all come out and his world fall apart in tomorrow's finale! Is that mean? By the way, did anyone else love when Pete said to Ken, "any of us would gladly trade places with you." Yeah, right. I'm sure even Pete wouldn't be singing that same song and dance if he was shot in the face. It's crazy how self righteous these characters are. I feel bad for Ken. I'd want out too! I tell you though, Sally has become my favorite character on the show. I've always enjoyed watching her character grow up and develop on the show and I'm wondering if next season is going to have an even stronger focus on her? She's an interesting character, after all, she is the product of a very screwed up father and a very evil mother. I liked how she turned down that guy. Although, I think it was mostly because she wanted to see Glenn and him fight over her. She did seem pretty happy about it! It's weird though. Why did Glenn say she was like a sister to him? They had their first date recently and kissed! It's creepy how these Brandon Walsh type statements just pop up in other shows sometimes.

Hmm, what else? I watched The Bachelorette and thought that talent show was pretty funny. I could have done without the whole Hurricane Sandy date though. That was absolutely depressing and I don't understand why anyone would bring a date on something like that! It sucks that Bryden isn't really feeling it with Des. It sucks even more though that she didn't call him last and that he didn't reject the rose. Can you imagine if he did? That would have been, in ABC preview fashion, "The biggest twist ever!" on "The most exciting season yet!". Especially since then, Zac K would've stayed and then been all sad thinking he was supposed to go home!

For my gaming portion of this blog, I played The Sims 3 some more today and my sims bought a second home. Note to fellow simmers: When you build a home on the water, it will let you place the lot wherever, so be careful that you do actually have it on a nice portion of the sand...otherwise apparently your sims will not be able to get on the lot! I had to learn the hard way and move my sims new beach house to a different lot. Although, it worked out nicely. When I did that, it automatically sold the house, gave my sims back the $69,000, and then a weird glitch caused the new lot with the house to only cost $1,900. So actually simmers, don't take my advice. Learn the hard way like me! It may benefit your sims bank account! I think this new feature however is still not working exactly right because after I bought the house, my game gave me the usual "Error Code 12". I wish I could figure out a way to stop this error from happening! I've tried everything but nothing seems to work. If only EA was designing their games better for us Mac users. Grr.

So that's it for today. I have to go feed Willow dinner and watch more episodes of Party of Five with her. I grew up on the show and now that the seasons are finally being released on DVD quickly, I'm re-watching it! I don't remember much but I do know that Bailey should be getting into a bad drunk driving accident soon with Sarah in the car and that even though Julia currently doesn't want to go to Stamford, I'm pretty sure I remember her going and having a very abusive boyfriend, Ned, who threw a TV at her! Of course, what I'm most excited about is the fact that Tim DeKay, Christopher Gorham, and Maggie Lawson all appear in the upcoming seasons! Yay USA actors! Did anyone else find it weird by the way that Claudia dated a character played by Ryder Strong and then the next season, Ben Savage came on the show as a guy with a crush on her? It was like the invasion of Boy Meets World! Shawn and Cory must've had quite a fight over her. Poor Topanga!

What did you think of Mad Men? Is Don going to finally get what's coming to him? Was that Hurricane Sandy date the most depressing date you've ever seen? Should Bryden have called it a day and took off? What is the worst Sims 3 glitch or error you've ever had? And did you watch Party of Five?

Keep your eyes (and ears) opened for my CD release on July 15th!! Thanks everyone!

Willow cleaning her ears!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Do I Look 12 to You?

Today I woke up and when I looked in the mirror I thought, "Hey! I think I'm finally starting to look older! I feel like I finally look 16 instead of 14." Now, keep in mind that I'm clearly old enough to be married for almost two years now, so neither of those are anywhere near my age. I was feeling really proud of this! Then tonight after leaving dinner, my family was waiting for the car and we started talking to these people. We asked them how the food was, which they said was great, and my dad said (and pointed at me), "My daughter's husband is the sous chef here!" Their response: "Wow! You're married? Isn't 12 a little too young to be married?" Aw man. And here I was so proud that I thought I finally looked at least 16. I admit, I'm a little disappointed. But at least they thought I was the daughter... Which is better than when my older sister (at 18) was being told she looked 12 and then another person thought she was married to our dad! Ew. Gross.

I hate how some people treat me when they think I'm younger than I am! I went to Nordstroms at Topanga today to buy some new shoes and the saleswoman acted like I was a major burden. When I said I needed help, she tried passing me off to another salesman who denied me and passed me back. Clearly I'm a ping pong ball. I didn't know what shoe I wanted exactly and I just wanted her to bring out a selection in my size that had a slight heel. I used to do this all the time at the Nordstroms in Denver and everyone was always so helpful! Even when I didn't ask for a selection, they'd find some extras for me to try on. I really appreciated that service; especially since I have complicated feet! When I decided on the shoe I wanted, she asked, "can I take any of these other ones to the back?" I said "Yes, all of them." She responded with a gasp and snarky "All of them?!?" And by the way, there were maybe only 6 other pairs there that I tried on. I didn't realize trying on shoes was such a big problem with shoes salesman! If I didn't have such complex feet, I'd just order online after that service! And if Nordstroms wasn't my only option for my size 4.5-5 foot, I'd choose to go elsewhere after today's service. The funny thing is, this woman asked my sister if she needed help. Clearly she thought I was younger and a waste of time. Thanks Nordstroms for your outstanding customer service today! It made my day complete!

So that's my rant for today on ageism and Nordstroms.

On the agenda tonight: Now that we had an amazing dinner at The Local Peasant, with my husband's yummy special, we're going to catch up on the last two episodes of Mad Men so we're all ready for Sunday's finale! What do you think is going to happen in the finale? Is Megan going to die? I actually like her and think she's one of the few fun characters on the show so I'd be sad if that happens. Then again, anything that makes the show more interesting is fine by me. I think her death would create an interesting arc for Don!

Have you ever been treated badly at a store or judged for your age (whether or not it is your actual age)? Do you like Mad Men? Do you like Megan or want her to die?

And here's my weekly picture from dinner! My yummy strawberry salad special!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Bunny is a TV Addict!

So I've been trying to be really good about making this a daily thing. Of course, yesterday, it was my hubby's day off from work and my dad's birthday so I had to prioritize!

I don't know if you guys noticed on my last post or not, but the new TV meter I created has a little bunny on the rating system. Of course, if I was truly rating shows by Willow's preference, things would get crazy! Two days ago, Gwith and I sat down to watch our nightly episode of Castle, and I kid you not, the moment we hit play and the TV made a sound, Willow came running into the room and flopped onto the rug all eager to watch. She didn't get up and hop around until the episode was over...and she came back in for the second one.

I think Castle is right up there with Dawson's Creek now. Have I mentioned that her favorite show is Dawson's Creek? She loves James van der Beek. She also loves Dawson & Joey (what can I say, she's not perfect). When Joey got together with Pacey (and I was filled with my usual happiness), she started boycotting the show. She'd only hop in for James van der Beek scenes. Yes, my rabbit is fickle. She also watches Beverly Hills 90210 with us - but she's skipped all of the really terrible episodes. I have no idea how she senses which episodes are good or bad but somehow she does.

Switching topics.

I was playing The Sims 3 today and downloaded the new ballet set from the store! I am super excited that my sims finally can have a dance skill. I've been waiting for this for so long! Of course, if my game would stop crashing and freezing on me, it would probably all be a lot more enjoyable. My sim (and her husband) did however get to visit her elderly parents that I built a retirement home for. I've never been very good at playing with my sims once their elderly, or having my sims see them once they move out, but this actually works well! My sims go over every weekend and play dominos/pool/ping-pong with her parents and watch a movie!

I wish Tuesday was here already!!! I am so excited for Island Paradise! I've been building beach houses for my sims with docks all ready for their new boats. Maybe I should put the 90210 beach house I built a while back in Island Paradiso?

Ooo! Even better thought! I can now create Dawson and Joey's homes and have Joey row across the water to Dawson's! That would be incredibly fun.

In other news, I'm improving on my guitar skills! I thought I'd learn to play so I could actually play along with my own songs. After teaching myself the basic chords and strings and practicing rotating between them, I have finally started to learn strumming. Yay! Now, if I could just stretch my fingers out so I could play that G chord without cheating, that'd be great. Oh well. It will all come in time. I'm looking forward to getting a teacher at some point. Although, I have to admit, it's nice to just teach myself. There isn't really any stress and it makes it even more exciting when I learn something new!

Finally, before I wrap this up to go and watch The Bachelorette, I must post my usual about Veronica Mars! Max Greenfield has finally be announced for the movie. I am very excited to have Deputy Leo back! I am curious how they're going to use all of these different characters, but I have faith in Rob Thomas.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to LA and we tried to sneak a peek at the movie being filmed. Unfortunately, it was all being filmed in the sound stages, so all we caught a glimpse of was the building.

Do you have any pets that are addicted to TV? And if so, what's their favorite show? Have you built any fun places for your sims to go or new homes? And finally, are you excited about the return of Deputy Leo?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graceland Picks Up, The Sims 4, and a Haunting Bachelorette Dream

Gwith and I watched the second episode of Graceland last night. I have to say, it improved a lot! After the pilot episode, which scored a 4 on my TV-o-meter, this second episode scored a 7. I'm a bit intrigued. While I still can't stand Vanessa Ferlito's one expression, I loved the addition of Serinda Swan as Paige! She brings some much needed personality to the show.

My TV-O-Meter

So, do you think Paul Briggs is bad? I don't want to spoil to much for those who still haven't caught up but that last minute was definitely a little worrisome. Maybe the FBI is right and Briggs is bad or maybe...there's an conspiracy within the FBI and their worried that Briggs is going to uncover something? They definitely seem to be trying to find dirt on him and I'm looking forward to finding out why. On the other hand, SPOILER ALERT (highlight to read): *Briggs holding a gun to Mike's head didn't exactly fill me with faith that Briggs is just misunderstood.* By the scenes for this season, it looks like the show should be picking up soon and I'm expecting it to be a 9 in about two weeks.

I should add however, that Willow would give it a 10. She watched the entire episode and kept one ear up the whole time (except for commercials when she strangely put her ear down). I guess even rabbits know they're not worth listening to!

In other news, I watched the Sims 3 Live Broadcast today. There wasn't much information given out but they did announce that on August 20th, they'll be announcing some big information about The Sims 4! YAY! I feel confident that The Sims 4 will be amazing since Maxis is back on board. The Sims 3 was alright originally, but once Maxis came back, the latest expansion packs have been packed with fun stuff again, so I'm hoping that's a positive sign for The Sims 4. Apparently, the latest patch for TS3 is available now. I'm a little hesitant to download it since there always seems to be some big glitch but I guess I'm going to have to brave it. Especially since this patch allows the ability to build homes slightly on the water, purchase multiple properties, move towns, and gives ladders! I can start preparing for next week's release of Island Paradise! Yipee!

Before I go, I'd like to add that I had a very weird dream about The Bachelorette last night. Because my family is out of town, I have to wait till Wednesday or Thursday to watch last night's episode. So I dreamt last night that Desiree decided she didn't like any of the guys and sent them all home in the biggest twist ever! And then the season was over. What a nightmare!!! (I exaggerate). I guess my subconscious was worried that I missed a REALLY important episode. I clearly need to tell my subconscious that The Bachelorette is not all that important, even if it is fun to watch. NO SPOILERS about who she sent home though please! My family has a guessing chart we fill out before each rose ceremony...because we're awesome like that.

So, what did you think of Graceland? What is up with Briggs? What do you want to see in The Sims 4? And finally, have you ever had a dream about The Bachelor/The Bachelorette - don't be ashamed!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day, USA (Network), and My First and Final Trip to Hawaii

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! We had a luau for my dad! It was lots of fun and we created a new "water ride" in the pool. Float + Waterfall = Amazing Fun. We finished the day with finishing the first season of Veronica Mars and the first episode of season 2. I never would've thought a few weeks ago that my dad would CHOOSE to watch Veronica Mars ever, let alone on Father's Day!

So, I'm drawing a blank on what to talk about... I guess I had a little too much fun in the sun yesterday! My brain is fried!

What did everyone think of the new USA show Graceland? Gwith and I still need to watch last week's episode, but I was a little uncertain about the pilot. It felt a bit slow and none of the actors captivated me. I guess Jeff Eastin couldn't get lucky enough to land another Matthew Bomer. Does anyone else just get lost in Matt Bomer's amazing charisma?!? He just bounces off the screen in White Collar. I didn't really feel that with the first episode of Graceland, especially not with Vanessa Ferlitaz. I think she had one expression the entire pilot. However, I learned a long time ago to never judge a show by it's pilot. If I did that, I would rarely find a show to continue watching! The writers are finding the voice and feel of the show, the actors have yet to find the soul to their parts, and the film crew is normally experimenting. So I'm willing to give it another shot and I'm hoping it really improves.

Since I'm on the topic of USA shows, who else cannot wait for the new season of Covert Affairs?! I just finished catching up on last season and I'm so excited for Annie and Auggie. I've been routing for them since season 1. Although, I must admit, Eyal and Annie are also not a bad pairing... But my heart is still with her and Auggie. On another note though, what do you think is in the file? What kind of dirt has been dug up on the agency? The new season of Covert Affairs begins July 16th on USA.

Back to Father's Day. Because my parents have yet to decorate their backyard (or house in general), it was quite easy to go to Party City and do up the backyard in a luau theme! Of course, because it looked so great, my parents now want to decorate their backyard with year round Polynesian decor. I personally love this idea because a decorated backyard is as close to Hawaii as I'll ever get. Why, you ask? Because I'm allergic to Hawaii. That's right.

Cut to Flashback:

I am 14 years old and traveling with my sister and mom for a girls vacation to Hawaii. We get off the plane and are in the taxi to the hotel.

Me: "Wow. I love Hawaii! I could live here!"

A few hours later, my unidentified allergies begin to erupt. I take Benadryl for my impaired breathing and we get ready to go on a submarine ride.

My mom: "Going further in the water should help your allergies Justine."

Now we're on the boat taking us to the submarine and we're half way there.

Me: "Mom!! I feel like I can't breath. I'm getting worse!" I begin gasping for air.

The boat with us and every other person paying for the submarine ride has to turn around and return me to land. We arrive back at the hotel.

Lady at the front desk: "My allergies always act up around the volcanic ash."

Shit. Volcanic ash? That would get worse as we head towards the water, wouldn't it? After this discovery, I didn't leave the hotel the rest of the trip.

Jump forward to the plane ride home:

Me: "Mom, I'm still having breathing issues." I continue gasping for air.

Flight attendant: "Is there a doctor on the plane!?!?!"

Cut back to present blog:

And that folks is why I will never ever return to Hawaii again and never visit other highly volcanic areas of the world. Unless of course, I want to become a Benadryl addict, in which guess, I suppose it'd be the perfect spot. But alas, I do not.

It's a shame I can't visit there because Hawaii really was beautiful! But hopefully my parents can bring a little Hawaii to their backyard!

Friday, June 14, 2013

TV Shows That Should Be Turned Into Movies

It figures. The day after I create a blog, I get sick. So now I'm trying to write this with a fuzzy head! What a *fantastic* way to start out. I warn you all in advance: there is a chance this whole post could turn into gibberish.

On my last blog, I got two comments, both which I'm very excited about! Shel - I'm a secret Vercan shipper too! I love Logan and Veronica but I don't know...I always wanted her with Duncan! Nancy, a Buffy movie would be AMAZING! Your comment by the way, has inspired this very blog post.

TV Shows that I Want Made into Movies.

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Lets face it, a combo movie would be EPIC! This takes place without taking into account Season 8: After a group of slayers turn rouge, Buffy (who retired from her slayer duties) comes back to save the day and teams up with Angel Investigations/Wolfram and Hart. In my mind, Buffy and Spike will obviously end up together by the end of this movie.

2) Chuck
In all honesty, a Chuck movie would be awesome, but primarily because I just want to see that Sarah got all of her memories back and is living happily ever after as Mrs. Bartowski.

3) Tru Calling
I know this show wasn't very popular but I loved it and I feel like us fans got the short end of the stick. If I could restart the day this show was canceled all over again, I would. I want to know what would've happened!

4) Roswell
Talk about depressing endings. I know Max and Liz ended up together and all but couldn't it all have happened in a way where they didn't all leave their families behind and get run out of town? I would love to see this group back and where they are all now!

And here is a show that should NEVER have a movie. In fact, I might pay money towards a campaign that keeps this from ever happening!

Beverly Hills, 90210
Love it or hate it, this show is a classic. That said, once they introduced Noah in season 8, the entire show (not just because of him) went down into a deep dark hole and never crawled out. It was clear the writers lost interest, the actors were all tired of their roles, and the corny script that we all love to hate had lost it's amusement. Even though I still love re-watching this show for a laugh, it ended after 10 crazy years and there is really no reason to ever see what happened next.

Now onto the show that is being given a movie: Veronica Mars. Another cast announcement was made today! Krysten Ritter (who I loved on "Don't Trust the B--", hmm maybe that should have a movie?), has been announced to reprise her role as Gia! So here's the list of actors they have so far:

Kristen Bell
Enrico Colantoni
Jason Dohring
Percy Daggs III
Chris Lowell
Tina Majoriini
Francis Capra
Christine Lakin
Amanda Noret
Sam Huntington
Brandon Hillock
Kevin Sheridan
Jonathan Chesner
Krysten Ritter

That leaves TEDDY DUNN, RYAN HANSEN, MAX GREENFIELD, KEN MARINO, and AARON ASHMORE left on my list of people that I am hoping to see back. And let me just say this: I will be disappointed if Ryan Hansen doesn't return as Dick Casablancas. He was in the Kickstarter video for goodness sakes! I think we all expect him to return!

I should also mention that the locations for the first week of filming has been announced! And here they are:

Location 1: 405 Mateo St., Los Angeles, CA, 90013
Location 2: 530 Molino St, Los Angeles, CA, 90013

These scenes are filming throughout the week from 6/18 to 6/21. On the 18th, they'll be shooting from 8pm to 2am, the 19th from 10am to 2am, the 20th from 3pm to 4am, and the 21st from 3pm to 6am.

So, what TV shows do you want turned into movies? Which ones would you pay NOT to have made into a movie? And finally, will you be angry and shocked if Ryan Hansen isn't announced in these next few days?

Here's my picture of the day. My husband Gwith and I ended up in Long Beach two days ago and got a glimpse of the new season of Dexter. Granted, we got there after they finished shooting for the afternoon, but we did get a lovely look at the props. Really bad spoiler alert: Someone died. There were crime scene vehicles, a stretcher, a dummy body, and a smashed up bicycle. As I said, really bad spoiler. It's pretty much just your average crime scene that you see in every episode of Dexter. Still, it was awesome to see the props!!

***UPDATE: RYAN HANSEN has been announced!! YAY!***

Thursday, June 13, 2013

First post: The Sims 3 Island Paradise and Veronica Mars

I should start by saying I have a terrible fear of writing blogs. The perfectionist inside of me questions how I'll write, what I'll write about, and why it's of importance. So here's it goes, I'm going to give it a shot.

Here are the two things that I have to talk about today. The Sims 3: Island Paradise and Veronica Mars.

First off, I am super psyched about Island Paradise!! I've been playing The Sims since the very first one came out...

Cut to flashback:
(Justine is 9 years old struggling in math)
My dad says: "Justine, if you learn your math facts I'll get you a brand new video game!"
A few weeks pass and Justine quickly learns her math facts and heads to Park Meadows mall! The lovely man at the store sees me looking for a game and reaches to the very top shelf.
Salesman: "The Sims is a very fun new game!"
My little hands take the game and suddenly, my life has changed forever.

Cut back to present blog:

I have since owned all of The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3 expansion packs. The real math fact I learned that year was how many Sims games does it take to make my parents go broke? Just kidding... although it was an expensive reward after all of these years!

Back to IP though: I've always wanted boats and since Sims 2 Open for Business, I've always been obsessed with the idea of running a sims business! So that makes me even more excited about running hotels in the new game. I can't wait to play it and I'm sure I'm going to be spending months on it! And if I can make the Titanic as a resort.... Well then, my life will be complete. The game comes out a week from Tuesday on June 25th!

Ok. Onto Veronica Mars. I admit it, I donated a little to the campaign and am keeping track of all of the latest updates! I am super excited about the cast so far and really hope they somehow get Teddy Dunn to reprise his role as Duncan, although I doubt it. I've read he's kind of left the business. But still, a girl can dream!

In the meantime, I'm re-watching the show and I've managed to wrangle both my parents into watching it with me. They were firm haters of the show up until I forced my mom to watch a few weeks ago and suddenly she realizes it was actually good and Veronica had a reason for her AWESOME snarky attitude. (The word awesome was my addition). Then my dad sat down for "Wrath of Con" and suddenly he became hooked. I feel super proud to have converted them into fans! I've done this with my mom before. She hated Chuck (which became her favorite show), Roswell, and Buffy! What can I say, it's a gift!

So questions to my 0 followers at the moment, do you want Teddy Dunn back? What video game have you been playing since you were little? And was there ever a show that a friend hated that you made them fall in love with?

Final thing to add. Here's a picture of me and my adorable pet bun bun, Willow! She really does have me under her spell!